Nations and Lands

Human Lands

A nation noted for its noble knights. (Aurthurian/English)

A desert land ruled by a great sultan who is advised by his council of Magi. (Persian)

An evil mountainous kingdom ruled by Dark Trinity clergy.

A deeply religious nation where large temple-cities are built in the deep jungle. (Khmer)

The only major organised nation of islanders in the islands of the far east. Here, totemic spirit-gods are worshipped.

A nation where all types of genasi seem to be slightly more common for some reason. (Slavic)

This savage land is home to warring bands of barbarians. (Germanic)

A kingdom ruled by clans of powerful magelords (a clan for each school). In recent times, their magical nature has brought forth a new race with sorcerous powers.

This mountain kingdom is ruled by a gold dragon who imposes his ideas of peace on his subjects. (Tibetan)

Dunnlaugh (Dunnlaw)
An honorable northerly kingdom. (Scotish)

A mountainous forest kingdom, the only place in the eastern lands where rangers are common. (Chinese)

A very forward-thinking nation where technology is embraced. (Italian Renaissance)

A nation of merchants, sailors, and fishermen. (Korean)

This nation is now under control of an insidious council of mindflayers. (Italian)

Once a powerful unified nation, it has shattered into many fueding clans. (Japanese)

An evil nation that has been the bitter enemy of Ambreth as long as Ambreth has existed.

A wealthy, tropical nation with many gold mines. (Mali)

An exotic eastern land ruled by the wealthy Maharaja. (Indian)

A small kingdom where the old Tibernian gods are still frequently worshipped. (Roman/Italian)

Just south of Ostia, this nation is well-known for its wine, and use of psionics. (Italian)

A strange nation of warlords who have been invading the eastern lands in recent years. (Mongol/Ottoman)

An ancient nation founded on the ruins of the old Tibernian Empire. (Roman/Italian)

A dark land which is said to be ruled by a vampire lord. (Slavic)

A small independent barony of little note nestled in the Endless Mountains near Ruhmel. (German)

A large and rather powerful empire made up of a confederation of kingdoms. (German/Holy Roman Empire)

A small, very volcanic island off the coast of the Tibernian Peninsula where a volcanic druid cult is popular. (Italian)

A small, remote island nation where gladiatorial games are common, ruled by a tiefling king. (Greek/Roman)

Once the greatest empire of the eastern land, it is now disentigrating under attacks from the neighbouring Ghovei and ogre magi. (Chinese)

A cold land founded by settlers who crossed the Endless Mountains from the West to the East during the Age of Shadow. (Russian)

Tarmonia and Ravado
These islands off the coast of the Tibernian peninsula are home to many pirates. Despite the efforts of many nations to cleanse this threat and attempts by Ostia and Varan to conquer these islands, they still remain a major threat.

A strange nation of undead ruled by an archlich.

The southernmost nation of Old Tibernia is ruled by a just king. (Italian)

A nation of intrigue, noted for their love of new ideas and technology. Historicly rivals of Ambreth. (French/Spanish Renaissance)

Waelar Islands
A group of islands in the north of the western lands that is predominantly human and druids are common. (Celtic)

A mountainous forest kingdom between Ambreth and the Wilderlands, ruled by a benevolent king.

Dwarf Lands

This nation lies in the Westling Mountains. Here the dwarves are skilled with the arcane arts and are proficient dweomersmiths.

A nation of dwarves far to the east, they are known for their great spire-cities atop the mountains where they reside.

The dwarves of the land of Jarlydd were long ago seperated from the mountains they love and adapted to life on the great fields of the Waelar Islands, where they became rather barbaric yet friendly. (Scotish)

Nestled in the Mistspire Mountains, this nation of dwarves have odd metalic complexions and are closely attuned to the earth.

This is a cold land of barbaric arctic dwarves who are unfortunately being hunted and made slaves by the neighboring yakfolk.

Located in the Hyperion Mountains, this was once a great empire which has now broken into many city states. Still their heritage of hippogriff riding remains in most of these cities.

This land is home to the high dwarves, honorable warriors who owe much of their heritage to the now fallen human empire of Sleigard. (Norse)

Located in the southwestern tip of the Endless Mountains, this kingdom is full of great craftsmen who are experts at making golems, automatons, and other such constructs, and are the progenitors of the stone grunts.

Elven Lands

The wild elves of this land deep in the Anceint Forest deeply revere the four elemental gods of the primal pantheon and so have elemental powers depending on what clan they come from.

This high elven kingdom is closely allied with Ambreth and have a rather orderly and civilized society.

These wood elves have embraced eastern magic that draws from the spirits of the earth such as the Wu Jen and Shugenja.

These strange wild elves live in the jungles around Mantenka and oddly worship the high elven pantheon still. It is said their society is the same as that from the days before the great scisms that created the many races of elves.

In the same frigid tiaga where Svyatogor is located lies this kingdom of elves where sorcerors are strangely common.

This wood elven kingdom lies in the forested slopes of the Endless Mountains between Ruhmel and Dunnlaugh.

The residents of this northern wood elf kingdom are known for their green hair.

This wooded island in the Waelar islands is home to a kingdom of elves where grey elven strains are still rather common.

In a small forested region in the east lies this high elven kingdom guarded by many hexblade warriors.

In the Ancient Forest lies this high elven kingdom where very floral architecture is embraced. The elves of this land are also the progenitors of the spellkin.

These shadowy woodlands are rumored to be the homeland of the dark elves.

Halfling Lands

This land, wedged between Ruhmel, Ambreth, and Lorgoth is home to many halfling clans. Many of the resident halflings have blong or red hair.

This land located near the wild lands in the west is rumored to be home to strong celestial bloodlines.

The greatest halfling kingdom in the known world is strange in that the resident halflings are very sedentary, and this kingdom is often compared to the great kingdoms of the humans.

This small region within the elven kingdom of Tae’Anviavara is home to the spellkin.

This land was once part of Tibernia and the halflings there still revere the old Tibernian gods.

Gnome Lands

This gnome city-state lies at the foot of the Hyperion Mountains and long ago the air element seeped into their blood, and now they are their own race of air-element gnomes.

The Gnomespires
Most gnomes found wandering the world and living among humans trace their lineage to here, where the resident population are prolific inventers and tinkers.

This area of the Ancient Wood is populated by secretive forest gnomes.

This island in the far east is home to a strange race of grey-skinned gnomes of which little is known about.

Goblin and Orc Lands

Black Fang Keep
The orcs of the Black Fang are the historical enemies of the dwarves of Ymirgard. It is rumored they have a new fiendish leader.

This area of the Black Pines is inhabited by the mysterious Warak’inim, a race of green-skinned hobgoblins who worship Shunta Warak’in, the dark diety of the primal pantheon.

These marshlands in the East are home to an eerily organised tribe of goblins.

The orc tribes living in this region deep in the Endless Mountains used to be a fiersome kingdom in the Age of Shadow but eventualy came to the inevitable conclusion of falling into a hundred squabbling clans after the darkness left the world.

This land in the southern Westling Mountains is home to many tribes of goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears.

Orc lands in the southern Endless Mountains once ruled by a great blue dragon. As a frightening consequence, many of the orcs here are born with draconic bloodlines or the inate ability to cast spells.

Rock Tower
This goblin fortress at the western end of the Gnomespires is home to a fire-blooded race of hobgoblins.

Margul Spire
Located in the Kaishen mountains between Shen and Gojosheon is a frightening floating fortress of grey orcs.

This land is ruled by the Xan-Chu, but the ogre mage overlords decided to teach the hobgoblins of this land the art of gunpowder.

Reptilian Lands

Dragonclaw Spire
This kobold fortress was ruled by a red dragon up until recently. Now it is ruled over by half-dragon kobold warlords.

Flooded Wood
The lizardfolk of this swampy area live on villages built above the water and trade amongst each other on barges. They are rather passive and keep to themselves.

Orchid Island
This island located in the islands to the far east is home to a race of gecko-like lizardfolk who the Botogans reffer to as the Gek.

The lizardfolk of this swamp in the east serve their rakshasa overlord.

The large lizardfolk inhabitants of this island suprisingly worship the dark god Korax.

The eastern edge of the Bedu-Wati is home to skinklike lizardfolk who have mastered the art of the Sha’ir as well as the Asharans.

Lands of other Races

These lands on the edge of the Wilderwood are home to many centaur tribes.

This land on the eastern edge of the Endless Mountains is home to the korobokuru.

This independant city-state is the largest city in the world. It is a major crossroads along the Highway of the Gods and no one race dominates, with members of every race in the world and beyond being found there. The Goldveld
South of Mantenka lies this open savanna where wemics reside.

This hidden land deep in the western side of the Endless Mountains is home to the goliaths.

Thhis cold, mountainous land is home to the Firbolg.

This wooded swampland on the south end of Kumamoto island is home to the nezumi.

This jungle area north of Beyong is home to the monkey-like vanara.

This relm of fey supposedly lies deep in the Ancient Forest.

Serpent Island
This island is said to be the home of a snake-worshipping cult.

This land was once part of the Shen empire before it was invaded by ogre mages, who now rule this land.

These rocky wastes north of the Bedu-Wati are home to the thri-kreen.

This fortress is home to the yak folk, enemies of th arctic dwarves and the Lhoouron.

Wild Lands

The Badlands
This stretch of the Great Western Desert is uninhabitable and full of strange rock formations.

The Bedu-Wadi Desert
This large desert takes up a large portion of the lands south of the Endless Mountains, and the kingdom of Ashara claims part of it. Much of it is wilderness though, inhabited only by the Shizara and the Ura-Bedu nomads who somehow survive in the deep desert.

The Black Pines
This rather barren forest deep in the wilderness south of the Great Western Desert is seldom ventured in for it is said to be both haunted and full of mad hobgoblin cultists.

The Endless Mountains
These mountains stretch from the empire of Ruhmel in the West to the empire of Shen in the East, and from the Icemere in the north to the Bedu-Wadi in the south, making it the largest feature on the entire continent. Much of it is thought to be uninhabited, but there are several kingdoms of mostly strange peoples found living on its outskirts (and sometimes deep within).

The Far Islands
This string of islands stretches from the Bayong Peninsula and far out into the Dawning Sea. It is not known how far this island chain goes, for none have ever ventured that far and returned to talk about it. These islands are home to the strange human islander as well as several races of lizardfolk. Many of these islands host dense jungles and volcanic mountains.

The Gondek Jungle
This jungle which borders on the Goldveld is nearly impenetrable and hasn’t been explored very much at all.

The Great Western Desert
This desert is for the most part rocky and dotted with sparse vegetation such as sedge and cacti. It is home to the strange Hyugeki people as well as several bandit and slaver settlements.

This large marsh located south of the Wilderwood is rather desolate and home to only roaming bands of bullywugs.

The Marches
This wide open moorland on the Tibernian Peninsula is home to a few weak city-states and roaming bands of gnoll marauders.

The Mengodei Wastes
These desolate wastelands of broken rock and extreme temperatures are unfortunately the main gateway by land from the West to the East, through which the great Empyreus Road winds.

The Northern Moors
This huge stretch of moors between the Gnomespires and Lorgoth is mostly uninhabited due to the fallow soil here. Occasionaly some kind of monster wanders out of the mists of this region and into one of the bordering lands.

The Northern Wastes
Once home to the Sleigard empire, now only a harsh tundra remians, though tribes of barbarians with Sleigard ancestory eke out existance here.

The Wilderwood
The largest stretch of forest on the continent, the Wilderwood is said to be haunted or cursed with dark magics so few ever venture into its depths. Those who do seldom return, and those who return often have frightening stories to tell.

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